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Who Are We?

Goals & Mission

Our Goals


  • Advance the free enterprise system, specifically the business concerns of our members;
  • Pool the energy and resources of members in the pursuit of common objectives;
  • Encourage the mutual communication among members and elected officials;
    Serve as ombudsman for members at the national, state and local levels of government;
  • Provide industry related, educational opportunities for members through publications, seminars, conventions, trade shows and networking;
  • Promote broad representation of Mississippi's petroleum and convenience store industry through an inclusive membership program;
  • Foster a positive public image of the industry.


Our Mission

Mississippi Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association's mission is to unify petroleum marketers and convenience store operators in order to effectively further their common business interests.

To achieve this mission, MPMCSA will:


  • Serve as the collective voice of our members to provide comprehensive legislative and regulatory representation.
  • Provide meaningful meetings, seminars and conventions where the petroleum marketing and convenience store industries can learn about and develop consensus on important issues.
  • Institute communications programs and processes that insure effective two-way communication.
  • Develop member service programs that are beneficial to all members.

 The Economic Impact of Mississippi Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association 


• Total Stores:   2,606
Total Employees:   41,696
Transactions Per Day:   2,989,082
• Total Sales:   $13,951,445,116
Merchandise:   $3,414,665,254
Food:   $669,455,340
Fuel:   $8,640,535,134
• Gallons of Fuel:   4,036,357,396









Source: NACS State of Industry Report of 2019 Data


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