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All Agencies may be reached at ms.gov and clicking on "State Agencies."


Agriculture and Commerce
  Consumer Protection Division 601-359-1148
  Petroleum Division 601-359-1101
  Weights and Measures 601-359-1149
Attorney General
  Consumer Protection Division 601-359-4204
Department of Environmental Quality
  Bureau of Pollution Control 601-961-5171
  Underground Storage Tank Division 601-961-5117
Department of Health 601-576-7689
Emergency Management Agency 800-222-6362
Governor's Office 601-359-3150
  Capitol 601-359-3100
  Mansion 601-359-3175
Lieutenant Governor 601-359-3200
Public Service Commission
  Northern District 800-356-6428
  Central District 800-356-6430
  Southern District 800-356-6429
Highway Department
  Northern District 601-359-7040
  Central District 601-359-7035
  Southern District 601-359-7039
Tax Commission
  Petroleum Tax Division 601-923-7150
  Sales Tax Division 601-923-7015
Department of Transportation (MDOT) 601-359-7002
  Weight Enforcement 601-359-1707





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