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Membership in the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association provides education and services that support and benefit the industry. For your convenience, a membership application is available on-line. Click below for the appropriate application. 

Active Member - Click here for Membership Application

Active membership shall consist of persons, firms, or corporations engaged in the wholesale distribution and/or retail sales of petroleum products or who is an owner or operator of a convenience store or a group of convenience stores in the State of Mississippi.


Associate Member - Click here for Membership Application

Associate members shall consist of purveyors of equipment, goods, services, supplies, and/or allied products used or purchased by active members of the Association.


Terminal Member - Click here for Membership Application

Terminal operator members shall consist of individuals, firms, or corporations who engage in the business of operating water or pipeline terminals principally for the storage and delivery of petroleum products.


Affiliate Member - Click here for Membership Application

Affiliate members shall consist of refiners and/or primary suppliers of petroleum products and accessory products purchased by wholesalers or retailers of petroleum products.


Please contact us if you have any questions. 


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